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Company Leaders Lou van Laake and Marcin Pietruszka

Full Circle Playback Theatre, Dublin - Leaders

With a combined experience of 20 years in both Playback Theatre, physical theatre and and stage craft, Lou van Laake (Dutch-born based in Dublin) and Marcin Pietruszka (Polish born and based) create a playful space for those who want to stretch their theatrical language through group- and pairwork. Lou has been leading Dublin-based Playback Theatre group “Full Circle Playback Theatre” since 2015, and has brought it through the years of Covid to become an Ireland-wide group of performers that create creative, inclusive and explorative improvisational theatre both in person and online. The online branch-out brought her in contact with Marcin, who has brought his world of theatre directing, writing and acting to the table with sensitive strength. Since Spring 2023 they both lead Full Circle as a cooperation and community of practice.

Current Company Life