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Full Circle Playback Theatre Company

is actively engaged in the process of enabling communities to share their stories. The flexibility of the Playback form permits a high degree of sensitivity to the needs of specific groups: professional associations, schools and colleges, festivals, corporate enterprises, hospitals, prisons, therapeutic communities, nursing homes and personal celebrations.

In the Local Community

A Playback performance encourages individuals to share their life experience with other people and, through understanding, develop a closer sense of community. Playback identifies important issues and concerns by providing a forum for the recognition of stories of universal interest.

In Educational Environments

A Playback performance awakens an audience of young people to the concept that their experiences have value. By sharing stories, they can identify with others and learn to respect individual differences.
In higher education, Playback performances offer staff and students different methods for personal and course development.

In The Business Sector

At conferences and professional meetings, Playback serves both as entertainment and as a vehicle for the exploration of conference themes. Playback acts as a warm-up or closure activity by encouraging participants to center on their here-and-now experience.
In management, the Playback process can enhance teamwork and effective communication.

In The Healing Arts

The validation of human experience through ritualized performance is a traditional art form used in both healing and personal transformation. Common experience can assume beauty and mythic dimensions when reflected in a Playback performance – often with significant therapeutic effect.


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