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Work To Date

Live Performances

✷ February 2023 – “St. Brigid’s Day Stories”, Glens Centre, Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim

✷ November 2022 – performance after communal viewing of the Netflix Docu Film “Procession”, where a Dramatherapist and Director helped to foster self-development, to enable solutions and to empower the six male survivors of clerical abuse to regain autonomy after traumatic events; Soearth, Kill, Co. Kildare

✷ May 2022 – Mountshannon Arts Festival on the theme of recreating community and connection

✷ 2010-2018 – various performances in Leitrim’s Ballroom of Romance and Manorhamilton’s The Glen Centre; including a performance in aid of Rape Crisis and International Womens’ Day

✷ 2010-2016 – St. Patrick’s University Hospital, Dublin; specialized performances and workshops for service users, including Bealtaine Festival

Older notable projects

✷ 2017 – Performance for the closing of Chrysalis Healing Centre

✷ 2014 – Sisters of Mercy International Gathering, Dublin

✷ 2010 – Coimhairle Na NOg; a forum for young people to collate ideas for submission to the Dail

✷ 2010 – the 21st Anniversary of Chrysalis Healing Centre in Greystones Theatre

✷ 2009 – Meath Schools Programme; four performances in selected schools in County Meath as part of the European Union Initiative

Live Workshops

✷ March 2023 – Connection, Communication and Community Workshop with New Hope Playback Theatre, Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare

✷ April-July 2022 – RADE (Recovery through Arts, Drama and Education), Dublin 8; workshops and presentation with people recovering from addiction

✷ Sept-Nov 2021 – RADE workshops with people recovering from addiction

✷ May 2016 – St. Patrick’s University Hospital, Dublin; workshops with patients on the Dementia Ward as part of the Bealtaine Festival

Online Performances

✷ December 2022 – public Showcase for new company members

✷ February 2022 – Edinburgh’s Audacious Women’s Festival; “The Audacious Dressing Room”

✷ September 2021 – IACAT (Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists) Board Members; getting to know one another after never having met in person

✷ July 2021 – “Celebration of Life”; a performance to celebrate someone who died, with stories from friends and family

✷ March 2021 – International Women’s Day for North Leitrim’s Women’s Center

✷ January 2021 – First Fortnight Festival; 2 performances for audiences consisting of mental health service users, family members and the general public