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Bealtaine Festival

The Twilight Programme and Full Circle Playback Theatre present a public Playback Performance for service users of St. Patrick’s Hospital and their friends and family – and that includes you!

Free entry and coffee&snacks afterwards to encourage more storytelling…

On it’s 21st birthday and 100 years after Ireland’s spiritual birth, the 2016 Bealtaine Festival is focusing on celebrating the very first citizens of the Irish State. This focus is to encourage people to once more reflect on who and where we are as a maturing nation and populace.

In the intimate surroundings of St. Patrick’s hospital, this theme can be broadend to subjects like our personal homes or where we sleep, our culture, and new beginnings. The icons in our lives can span from ones we know personally, to ones from the books, movies and music.

Full Circle Playback Theatre creates an interactive and playful way of bringing out these themes within a community through the improvisational theatre tools of Playback Theatre. The audience, which will comprise of both service users of the hospital and the general public, is asked for personal moments and stories of their lives, which will then be played back to them by actors and a musician in body and sound.

DATE: Wednesday May 25th 2016
LOCATION: St. Patrick’s Hospital, Dublin, IE
TIME: 6:30 PM – 8 PM