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Our Founders

As a graduate of the New York School of Playback, Sinead Moloney founded the Dublin Playback Theatre Company in 1998 and directed until 2005. At this point AnnMarie Dunne, who also became a graduate of the New York School of Playback, began to co-direct with Sinead until 2007. Both remain supportive towards company development.

In 2008, Sheila O’Keeffe (Founding Member), Helen Blackhurst and Lisa Markham began to co-lead, until Sheila’s relocation in 2009. Lisa and Helen co-led the company for a year, and since 2010 Lisa has continued to lead until this day. The new name, Full Circle, was chosen by the current company in the Spring of 2012.

Current Company Life

Lou van Laake leads the current company which now comprises of 10 members and 2 associate members. To date, performances have taken place in various contexts and settings including:

  • Corporate Events
  • Health Conferences
  • Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Educational Institutions
  • Cultural Awareness Outreach
  • Public Theatre Spaces

Themed performance examples

  • Everyday moments and stories, e.g. Public performances
  • Issues that concern young people, e.g. Understanding of the European Union in schools
  • Celebrating beginnings and endings, e.g. Bealtaine in psychiatric hospital
  • Transitions, e.g. Organisational changes
  • Facilitation of dialogue and evaluation at conferences and forums, e.g. Limerick Mental Health Conference
  • Community development, e.g. “Women in Public Life” cross-boarder project
  • Cross Cultural Integration, e.g. Lithuanian Project